Teacher from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk scolds schoolgirl for indifference to music

Teacher from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk scolds schoolgirl for indifference to music
Eleonora Mashenina

The Prosecutor's Office began to check what happened; the teacher was suspended from classes.

In the Far East, music teacher Eleonora Mashenina called a 6th grader a “moronic fool” and regretted that the girl was born, and her ancestors survived the war. The director of school No. 4 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk removed the employee from the classes, the Prosecutor's Office interrogated the teacher. The situation is under the control of the Department of Education and the supervising Vice Mayor, Sakhalin-Info reports.

“You don't know the music. We have a textbook which you must study. There are no hard questions for your stupid head. You are a fool! Therefore, I ask you to teach the songs as morons. You cannot pass the exam as you are a dumb room. I will give a grade... She doesn’t need songs. And what do you need? To devour, to piss...? I apologize for being rude. What did you do in life? Pee, poop and all? And eat? She doesn't need songs. It is a pity that your ancestors survived the war. It is a pity that you were born, while others were not saved and burned in the furnaces,” the woman said in an audio recording published in the regional edition.

The mother of one of the classmates of the offended girl explained that the schoolgirl had not done her homework and stated that she did not need music. In response, the teacher lashed out. City prosecutor's office continues to check what happened.



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