Taxi driver who complained about Voronezh vice governor accused of stealing

Taxi driver who complained about Voronezh vice governor accused of stealing
Vice Governor Gennady Makin

The Novousmansky District Court of the Voronezh region has selected house arrest as a preventive measure for taxi driver Ivan Pereslavtsev charged with theft under Art. 158 of the Russian Criminal Code. Earlier, Pereslavtsev was a victim in the case of beating, for compliance in which he accused Vice Governor Gennady Makin.

According to Kommersant, the Voronezh taxi driver gained notoriety in the spring of 2016, after he accused regional Vice Governor Gennady Makin in covering up three Voronezh businessmen, who brutally beat Pereslavtsev.

The incident occurred in the end of May 2016. Pereslavtsev delivered a passenger, and then the latter began to look for the allegedly missing mobile phone through taxi service operator (the taxi driver claims that the passenger took the phone before leaving). Then Pereslavtsev was asked to drive up to a certain place, supposedly, for car inspection.

When the taxi driver arrived at the spot, three men got into his car and began severely beating the driver, inflicting such blows from which, in Pereslavtsev’s words, he lost consciousness several times. It was reported that the attackers threatened the victim with sexual violence and hanging, and then decided to drown him in the pond. The outrage stopped only when the police arrived at the scene. Pereslavtsev was hospitalized with fractures and broken teeth.

According to the victim, Vice Governor of the Voronezh region Gennady Makin, who was at the scene, covered the attackers.

As a result, criminal proceedings were opened for beating Pereslavtsev, a victim in the case. Makin publicly denied the accusations against him, calling the materials about this incident a frameup.

At the end of 2016, another criminal case was opened into the phone theft, this time in relation to the taxi driver Pereslavtsev as a defendant. He was detained in late December 2016, and January 2, 2017 the court sent him under house arrest. According to people of Pereslavtsev’s circle, he was under pressure from the very beginning of the investigation, including on part of the law enforcement agencies.



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