Tatarstan: district police officer avenged giving fine to traffic polimen dismissed 

Tatarstan: district police officer avenged giving fine to traffic polimen dismissed

When a video with the district police officer, who drew up the protocol to colleagues for unfastened belt, was watched tens of thousands of users, the republican Interior Ministry promised to investigate the accident.

The resentment of the district police officer from the Laishevo district in Tatarstan, who avenged colleagues from the republican Interior Ministry for the fine, set him his job. According to the edition Kazan reporter, the Senior Lieutenant Aydar Nuriyev was dismissed from the internal affairs bodies.

With Nuriyev's offenders the executives dealt with far less severe. Traffic police inspectors Khalikov and Mukhutdinov got severe reprimand from the executives. The edition wrote that the immediate police superiors in the Ministry of Internal Affairs were also punished, but it did not specify how.

Recall that a curious incident took place in early October in the regional center Laishevo in Tatarstan. Visiting traffic policemen fined the district officer Nuriyev at 500 rubles for driving the official car without a waybill. In response, Nuriyev waylaid inspectors in a convenient location and stopped the vehicle in the presence of a witness, fined them for unfastened passenger in the back seat in the amount of twice as much - 1000 rubles.

The district police officer videotaped the process of drawing up the protocol, after which he posted video on YouTube. The video on how the district police officer drew up the protocol on colleagues watched tens of thousands of users.

The Interior Ministry of Tatarstan then promised to investigate the situation and punish those responsible.

Video: the conflict between the traffic police officer and the local district police officer



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