Tatarstan: criminal proceedings opened against local who killed robbers breaking into his apartment

Tatarstan: criminal proceedings opened against local who killed robbers breaking into his apartment
Evgeny Dedanin Photo: Business Online

Evgeny Dedanin is charged with excessive self-defense.

Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Tatarstan opened a criminal case against 41-year-old Evgeny Dedanin, from the town of Bugulma, who killed two robbers who broke into his apartment. This is reported by the Department’s media-office.

Dedanin is suspected of murder committed more than the requirements of justifiable defense (part 1 of Article 108 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The version given by the investigation is that on September 12, three men broke into Dedanin’s apartment. They then tied Dedanin and his friend at gunpoint.

Dedanin managed to release himself. They got into a fight in which Dedanin grabbed a knife and stabbed his opponents several times. One of the robbers managed to flee the scene. After a while, he was detained.

In Dedanin’s words, his house was broken into when he was about to leave for the garage. The criminals took him in back at gunpoint and made enter the house. At that moment, Dedanin’s wife and the friend were inside. They duck-taped the wife and the friend’s mouth and eyes. As for Dedanin, they led him with his hands bound to DVR to erase the tape.

Dedanin said that when his hands were being bound he clench his fist to increase his hands and leave some free space. When he managed to release himself, fighting broke out. Dedanin grabbed two carving-knives to defend off his attackers. “I though I would grab the knives, and they go on the run, but they started shooting. There was a misfire.” The owner of the house said.

The fighting shifted to the garage. Passers-by noticed them and called the police. Two attackers Vladislav Koloyartsev (29) and Ivan Netrogolov (38) died instantly after a scuffle. Dedanin was freed with the obligation to appear. The criminal case under article 162 (Robbery) of the Criminal Code is opened against the robbers.



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