Tambov powermen buy Maybach for $200 000

Tambov powermen buy Maybach for $200 000
Photo: Mercedes-Benz.com

The purchase price, according to the tender conditions, is equal to the profit of the guaranteeing electricity supplier Tambov Regional Sales Company JSC for a ten-year period. According to oppositionist Alexey Navalny, the company that forms energy tariffs buys an elite car.

The guaranteeing electricity supplier in the Tambov region, Tambov Regional Sales Company (TOSK) JSC, announced the purchase of a car worth 11.99 million rubles ($201.250), Kommersant reports. Published technical specifications exactly match the characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-560 limousine of the latest model. According to the documents, Igor Yuryev, the head of the corporate policy and procurement department, is responsible for the planned transaction. In addition, general director of the company Galina Akulinina should endorse the purchase.

So, according to the terms of purchase, the car for almost 12 million rubles, should have "not less" 469 metric horsepower, accelerate to 100 kph in 4.9 seconds and drive at a maximum speed of 250 kph. This is capable of a four-liter V8 engine with two turbines paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission; model of Maybach is equipped the same.

The cabin of the limousine, according to the terms of the purchase, should be light - the Nappa brand leather of colors "brown mahogany" or "beige silk". Its decorative elements should be made of large porous brown ash. The car tires, according to the description, should maintain their performance even in the punctured state.

The source of Kommersant, familiar with the situation, confirmed the purchase of the limousine by TOSK, noting, "This is a private matter for a private company that spends money from its business at its discretion. The state does not have a 1 percent stake in TOSK."

He also noted that the company has an "impeccable business reputation" and no loans.

Meanwhile, the publication notes that the net profit of TOSK for 2016, according to Kartoteka.ru, amounted to 1.3 million rubles - ten times less than the cost of a limousine.

The purchase was commented on by FBK founder Alexey Navalny, calling it "not just the purchase of an expensive car, but a mockery with a special cynicism." The sales company, according to Navalny, forms a tariff and includes in it "the car costs 12 million rubles."

According to Kommersant, 19.38% of shares belong to Tambov Grid Company (TSC) JSC, 24.91% of which is in the ownership of the region. Another ultimate beneficiary of TSC is the Moscow Transenergoalgians LLC. Another 20% of TOSK belongs to the local Remstroy LLC, the remaining 60.62% of shares are owned by natural persons.



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