Take-off revenues of Deputy Bryksin. Who control food courts in Sheremetyevo Airport? 

Take-off revenues of Deputy Bryksin. Who control food courts in Sheremetyevo Airport?
Aleksander Bryksin, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Photo: The CrimeRussia

Aleksander Bryksin, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, has ascended to fame in January 2017 for the celebration of his 50th birthday at the cost of €400 thousand. Alla Pugacheva had entertained guests at the party, while actor Igor Vernik was the toast master. The parliamentarian is also known for his family ties with criminal authority Gennady Petrov from Tambovskie organized criminal group: gangster’s son Anton has married Elizaveta Bryksina. The CrimeRussia has located a company belonging to the Bryksin family and controlling cafes and restaurants in Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Millionaire Deputy

Aleksander Bryksin, Deputy of the State Duma representing Edinaya Rossia (the United Russia) Party, is a well-known socialite frequently mentioned in society columns. In 2015, his 21-year-old daughter Elizaveta has married 34-year-old Anton Petrov, a billionaire (his income for the year of 2016 was 37 billion rubles ($646.1 million) and son of criminal authority Gennady Petrov, a former member of Tambovskie organized criminal group. Tabloids wrote after their wedding that Anton Petrov has abandoned his pregnant common law partner Marina Abrosimova (songstress MakSim).

Свадьба дочери

Photo from a wedding of his daughter and Anton Petrov

Aleksander Bryksin, a member of Edinaya Rossia (the United Russia) Party, had held the 67th position in the Forbes rating of most wealthy civil servants in 2015 with an income of 130.4 million rubles ($2.3 million), while in 2016, he has declared an income of 205.6 million rubles ($3.6 million). In 2017, Aleksander Bryksin has spent a similar amount to celebrate his 50th birthday. The lease of the banquet hall alone had cost him 1 million rubles ($17.5 thousand), plus the shows of Alla Pugacheva (€200 thousand) and Georgy Leps (€100 thousand). Actor Igor Vernik was the toast master. The expensive party has sparked talks about the stellar guests and costs incurred by the parliamentarian.


Aleksander Bryksin birthday party

Aleksander Bryksin has a personal web site telling about his achievements and a little bit – about Vyacheslav Volodin. In 2016, he has been elected to the 7th Convocation of the State Duma from the Kursk region. On October 9, 2017, Bryksin and several other Deputies representing Edinaya Rossia Party have donated a minibus for schoolchildren of the Rylsky district of the Kursk region. Based on news reports posted on his web site, Bryksin frequently inspects Kurskrezinotekhnika Plant Closed Joint Stock Company; in 2006–2012, he was its Deputy General Director for Investments and member of the Board of Directors. In 2011, Bryksin had owned 14% of the plant shares, Sfera (Sphere) Closed Joint Stock Company, and real estate in Spain.

“I hope to use the proximity to Moscow and resources in the State Duma to build an enterprise significant for the Kursk region. This may include chemical or metallurgical plants, or, perhaps, construction enterprises. Currently I am monitoring the situation in the region and would proceed based on its specificity,” – Deputy Aleksander Bryksin told in his first interview in 2011. So far, however, the proximity to Moscow helps the Bryksin family to develop their own business.

Bryksin’s food courts

Aeropit-Servis Limited Liability Company has been incorporated in the town of Khimki of the Moscow region in 2004. The company specializes in the restaurant business and food delivery services. Aeropit-Servis has been established by Pavel Pozhigailo, Deputy of the State Duma in 2003–2006, businessman Sergei Matrenin, and Aleksander Bryksin.

Matrenin and Bryksin are natives of Kemerovo. The parliamentarian is the President of the Wrestling Federation of the Kemerovo Region, while Matrenin has established Mikhail Afanasievich Matrenin Charitable Fund for Socio-Cultural Aid. The fund is named after the Matrenin’s father, a musician and honored cultural worker. Some Sergei Matrenin was also spotted in the circles close to Kemerovskie organized criminal group.

In April 2013, Bryksin has transferred his share in Aeropit-Servis to Natalia Bryksina. Apparently, she is a parliamentarian’s sister – they have identical patronymic names. In addition, Natalia Bryksina is the General Director of Sfera Closed Joint Stock Company where Aleksander Bryksin used to be a shareholder.

According to Focus.kontur.ru database, the revenues of Aeropit-Servis for the year of 2016 were 603.5 million rubles ($10.5 million). In the period since 2011 and until 2017, Aeropit-Servis has won 36 governmental contracts for the total amount of 166.3 million rubles ($2.9 million). In August 2017, the company has provided public catering services in Sheremetyevo International Airport for the Support Service of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation Federal State Budgetary Institution for the total amount of 1.6 million rubles ($27.9 thousand) (in December 2016, the cost of the governmental contract was 14.6 million rubles ($255 thousand)). In March 2017, Sheremetyevo International Airport Joint Stock Company has paid 1 million rubles ($17.5 thousand) to the company for “provision of public catering services for the traffic control personnel of the Department of Air Navigation Support of the Directorate for Air Navigation Support of Flights”.

"Хлеб и соль"

Restaurant in Sheremetyevo airport belonging to Aeropit-Servis 

Not only does the company affiliated with Bryksin provide foods for the airport personnel and Border Guard Service in Sheremetyevo — Aeropit-Servis has, in fact, monopolized the airport and controls all its main food courts. The company owns two bars and a cafe in Terminal E, while in Terminal F, 12 food outlets and one store belong to it.

“Currently, the 40 restaurants, bars, and cafes of the company, located in both Sheremetyevo Terminals, serve over 10 thousand people every day,” – the Aeropit-Servis web site states. Taking the number of food outlets in the airport and the daily passenger flow, the revenues of Aeropit-Servis seem obviously understated.

For instance, in 2014, Aeropit-Servis has acquired a Coffee House, Espresso and Cappuccino Bar license enabling it to use the Coffee House trademark in Terminal E of Sheremetyevo International Airport until 2020.

Aeropit-Servis started winning governmental contracts en masse since 2011 – in the very same year when Aleksander Bryksin has relocated to Moscow for the benefit of his electors.



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