Syzran slaughter of a policemen’s family — searching for truth 

Syzran slaughter of a policemen’s family — searching for truth
Andrey Gosht

The policeman could have been killed for his professional activities. However it also could have been a revenge for his debts.

On April 24, a shocking murder took place in a private house in the village of Ivashovka, Syzran district of Samara region. Under the veil of the night, a group of unidentified criminals bludgeoned 6 persons to death with debar steel and hammers. All of the victims were members of one family. Among the deceased was Andrey Gosht, the ex-head of the Syzran intermunicipal agency under the Russian Interior Ministry. His 7-year-old niece was the only survivor.

No official statements have been made yet that could help identify the perpetrators and establish their motive.

This incident looks nothing like casual gang warfare. The senior police officer could easily be shot in his car or caught off guard outside the house. Then why would anybody follow him into his parents' house and kill his whole sleeping family?

Andrey Gosht was born in 1966 in the Altai, in 1991 he graduated from the Omsk Higher Police School. Since 2011, he had been serving as head of the department for the organization of public order enforcement and the interaction with the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and local government bodies under the Regional Office of the Russian Interior Ministry for Tambov region. Most common news that featured his name were connected with the Tambov police raids against the illegal sale of alcohol.

Андрей Гошт и Юрий Стерликов

Photo: Andrey Gosht and Yuri Sterlikov 

Gosht had an important patron, his friend Yuri Sterlikov from Omsk. In 2010, Sterlikov was appointed head of the Main Directorate for Internal Affairs in the Samara region, he then invited Gosht to supervise Syzran in 2013. The most problematic issues were resolved by Gosht’s protégé - the chief of police and a native of Chechnya region Ruslan Khatuev, with whom he served in the military in the Tambov region.

Upon arriving in Syzran, Gosht continued his fight against counterfeit alcohol, while trying to rid the M5 federal highway of illegal cafes. Additionally, he performed raids against scrap metal dealers.

Video: Andrey Gosht's raids 

Although Gosht seemed quite confident on videos of his numerous raids, local journalists claim that he avoided publicity. The raids were indeed carried out on a regular basis, but they alone could not possibly be the reason behind the murder of six people.

In the fall of 2015, Andrey Gosht was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the Main Directorate for Internal Affairs in the Samara region. All of his colleagues held Gosht in high regard, calling him a man with a ‘true character.’ Gosht fought valiantly against the criminal world and had a reputation of being an adamant chief of police.

Crime Affiliations?    

For the time being, the primary lead in this murder is connected with the professional activities of Andrey Gosht. Judging from the photos, the house where the murder took place is neat, but nothing special, it does not stand out from the other buildings. Could an honest police colonel build a house at his own expense? Supposedly it was built for free by local oligarchs associated with drug trafficking and ethnic organized crime groups, who were at daggers drawn with the police officer. Some suggestions implied that Gosht had a quarrel with his protégé Khatuev and that the latter could have something to do with the slaughter. Being a native of Chechnya, Khatuev could have been covering for the ethnic crime business.

Дом родителей

Photo: house of Gosht's parents

Additionally, the engineers have found a fake explosive device in the house. Still, major criminals would have hired professionals. And this would have been relevant if we had been talking about some grand scheme, not the quarrels regarding petty kiosks along the road.


However, some evidence suggests that the blood of this massacre was on the hands of ordinary builders, who simply had not received their due.

At the moment, it is known that the perpetrators appear to have attacked Gosht’s family in the parents' house in the village of Ivashevka, when everyone was asleep. Moreover, the killers knew when the whole family would gather, because only parents lived there all the time.

On a side note, the Goshts pondered for some time whether to move from the Altai or not. Their family was not a small one: the brothers Evgeny, Vitaly, Sergey, Andrey, and a daughter, Ekaterina. In the end, together they managed to provide for the new housing. Local media reported that the team of builders erected a house, outbuildings, and all that was necessary, in just a few months, working non-stop.

Камеры наблюдения вывели из строя

Photo: surveillance cameras outside the Gosht's parents' house

All the surveillance cameras outside the house were knocked out of service, with the remote server footage itself gone. It obviously means that the killers had a good knowing of the security system. According to police, the criminals, three or four them, came in through the window. These could be the builders who had not been paid in full for their work and therefore decided to restore justice, misfits with blurred principles and values. The murder weapons, hammers and debar steel, also confirm this version. These weapons are deemed unreliable by professional assassins, because a victim can survive. That is exactly what happened with the 7-year-old niece of Andrey Gosht. The girl suffered grievous wounds, and later fell into a coma. The doctors warn that she may have serious problems with the development because of the brain injury.


The bodies were found by Andrey’s brother, Evgeny, who came to the house the next morning. He called the police and doctors, noting that previously the senior police officer had not received any threats. Curiously though, someone poisoned Andrey’s dog in the yard in February.

Yet again in February, the new chief of Syzran police Sergey Goodilin died in a car accident. According to investigators, the bad weather was the cause: the policeman’s car slipped into the oncoming lane and crashed into a truck.

Сергей Гудилин

Photo: Sergey Goodilin 

Gosht was also known to have a conflict with the criminal gang that had a hand in the theft of petroleum products at the Syzran refinery via illegal taps. One of the survivors, Evgeny Gosht, works as a driver at this refinery and went to the parents’ house after a night shift. It was his daughter who miraculously survived the massacre.

According to some versions, this might have been an ordinary robbery gone wrong, which led to bloodshed when the hosts resisted and the assailants had to kill them. However, the investigation committee officially declared that all the victims were in their beds, which likely means that they were killed in their sleep.

A criminal case was open under the article ‘Murder of two or more persons’ and ‘Attempted murder.’ The Central Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee has been entrusted with this case, its task force has already taken off from Moscow.

The award of 3 million rubles was assigned for the information about the murders. It may also mean that the police expect the criminals to sell someone of their own.



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