Syzran: local man with chainsaw stops debacle at bar 

Syzran: local man with chainsaw stops debacle at bar
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The brawlers have been identified; they will have to reimburse the bar the amount of damage.

In Syzran, two drunken residents staged a debacle at a bar after a housekeeper made a remark to them, Malenkaya Syzran media reports.

The incident was recorded by the surveillance camera. The footage shows that two visitors, apparently in a strong intoxication, are being expelled from the pub. At some point, the couple actively starts to destroy the windows of the bar. A man, with the help of a companion, drops a cash register and snacks on the floor. And then turns the glass shopping windows on himself.

Soon after, an unknown man appears in the doorway with a chainsaw in his hands. He beats the rowdy with a construction tool on the head. However, a dangerous item cannot stop an inadequate visitor. He immediately attacks the chainsaw owner, armed with one of the tables.

The police identified the rowdy. They will have to pay damages to the bar. A check of the incident is being conducted.

Video: A chainsaw stops brawlers trying to debacle a pub in Syzran



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