Syamozero park-hotel: corrupt contracts and conflict of interests  

Syamozero park-hotel: corrupt contracts and conflict of interests
Yelena Reshetova

As part of the case on death of children in Karelia, the investigators plan to carefully check the terms on which Elena Reshetova collaborated with the Department of Social Protection of Moscow, as well as the "schemes" of her work with other officials. According to "Life", the investigation is planning to determine whether Reshetova was patronized by some officials.

According Life, in the first place the questioning of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Valentina Ulich is planned. She has been organizing summer recreation season in the Republic in 2016. It is known that the Karelian Health Ministry signed a contract with Reshetova worth 2.8 million rubles for the purchase of 98 trips to for the children of the republic in the Park-Hotel "Syamozero", which means each trip was worth 28,300 rubles. Such contract has already been concluded in 2014, when a trip was worth 21000 rubles, and the total price of the agreement amounted to 8.1 million rubles. A year earlier, in 2013, the contract for the organization of children's activities was worth 12.5 million rubles.

Reshetova’s cooperation with the Ministry began in 2013, when Valentina Ulich was the Minister of healthcare of Karelia. The investigators believe that questioning her can help to find out some new details of the tenders of those years. All contracts will be inspected for corruption and conflict of interest, according to Life.

Except for the officials, the investigators intend to talk with 67-year-old mother of Elena Reshetova, Galina Lisina, who runs the company "Karelia Open". Enterprising relatives worked as follows: "Karelia Open" came into the auction first, announced the price and then "Park Hotel Syamozero" appeared and offered a favorable discount, about 5-10% cheaper. After that, the Karelian Health Ministry announced Syamozero the winner.

Инструктор лагеря «Парк-отель „Сямозеро“» Валерий Круподерщиков (в центре), 21 июня 2016 года

Photo: Valery Krupoderschikov, instructor at the Syamozero park-hotel

In her reports Ulich has repeatedly pointed out that the six permanent camps which opened in Karelia in the summer will work in full compliance with the requirements of Sanitary & Epidemiological Service and will be constantly monitored. Despite these statements, numerous violations of the established norms were repeatedly found in the camps: the children in the camp noticed mice and cockroaches, and counselors and cooks did not always have the medical records.

It is to be noted that Reshetova owns two companies, one of them is organizing children's vacations, while the second owns a camp in which children have died. The Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov says that it is against the law, but this violation for some reason was not determined by the Republic officials.

Заместитель директора детского лагеря «Парк-отель „Сямозеро“» Вадим Виноградов в Петрозаводском городском суде, 21 июня 2016 года

Photo: Vadim Vinogradov, Deputy Head of the Syamozero park-hotel

At the moment, six defendants are under investigation in this case. The Head of Karelian Rospotrebnadzor Anatoly Kovalenko, who is suspected of a crime under part 3 article 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (negligence), has been placed under house arrest by the court. The Park-Hotel owner Elena Reshetova and her Deputy Vadim Vinogradov have been detained. Students of Petrozavodsk pedagogical college Regina Ivanova, Lyudmila Vasilyeva and Valery Krupoderschikov, who worked in the camp as instructors, are also under house arrest.

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