Swanky Mercedes driver expelled from MGIMO after car crash that killed motorcyclist

Swanky Mercedes driver expelled from MGIMO after car crash that killed motorcyclist
TASS / Mikhail Dzhaparidze

Earlier, Arkady Smelov had been taken into custody.

MGIMO sophomore Arkady Smelov involved in an accident that killed a motorcyclist has been expelled from the university.

"The student has been expelled. All the paperwork is done," TASS was told.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, the accident occurred late on July 26 on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Arkady Smelov and Yulia Dubovtseva were in a Mercedes-Benz ML that knocked and killed a biker on Yamaha R1 while changing lanes. The biker turned out to be Arkady Dymov, a 23-year-old student running MADI moto bike section at the Physical Education Department of MADI University, and was urgently hospitalized. Despite the fact that the young man was in full motorcycle equipment, he died a few hours later on the operating table from serious injuries he got.

On June 29, Smelov was detained by the court. He is suspected of committing a crime under part 2 of Art. 268 of the Criminal Code (Violation of the Rules for the Safe Work of Transport, which has involved by negligence the death of a person). Yulia Dubovtseva told the investigators that it was she who was driving the Mercedes at the time of the accident, but that it was Smelov's fault that she lost control of the car. The young man, allegedly drunk, was distracting her and grabbing the wheel. Smelov denies his guilt, blaming the girl for all that happened.

On July 1, Dubovtseva was placed under house arrest charged under Art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of Traffic Rules and Rules for Operation of Transport Vehicles).



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