SVO: plane knocks down man to death

SVO: plane knocks down man to death

The accident occurred while taxiing to take off.

Boeing 737 plane departing from Moscow to Athens hit a man on the runway at Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO). The pilot informed the air traffic controller about the hit of an unknown item and rocketed. The plane did not return.

“The crew of the passenger liner informed the air traffic controller of an alleged collision with an animal on the runway during acceleration after the flight off to Athens. It was decided not to return the aircraft to the airport, as the systems did not signal damage,” a source at the airport services told Interfax.

The pilot reported the dispatcher about the accident at 8:10 pm. Brigades of the Medicine of Disasters Center and First Aid, security and police left for the scene. After inspecting the area on the runway, they found a human body, men's clothing and other personal items. Information about the identity of the deceased was handed over to the police, Anna Zakharenkova, the director of the public relations department at the airport, told TASS.



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