Sverdlovsk official Glatskikh gets reprimanded and returns to work

Sverdlovsk official Glatskikh gets reprimanded and returns to work
Olga Glatskikh

In two months, the department she heads will be merged with the Ministry of Education.

The head of the youth policy department of the Sverdlovsk Region, Olga Glatskikh, who became famous for the phrase “the state did not ask to give birth to you,” returned to work. As a result of the check, the official was reprimanded, RIA Novy Den reports.

According to the order of regional governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, the Glatskikh took up her duties on 10 December. However, after two months, her position will be abolished, since the department is awaiting a merger with the Ministry of Education. There was no other legal way to dismiss the official. Previously, according to a similar scheme, the leadership of the region got rid of the vice-governor Vladimir Tungusov. Both officials refused to leave on their own volition.

It is to be recalled that at a meeting with volunteers Glatskikh stated that the state owes nothing to young people and did not ask their parents to give birth. The statement became viral all over Russia. The ICR launched a probe on Glatskikh’s activities, but changed its mind on the same day. However, the Anti-Corruption Policy Center of the Yabloko party found hunting lands belonging to the Glatskikhs family, the size of which is bigger than Malta. At the same time, their rent for 49 years cost only 336,000 rubles ($ 5,050), or 10 rubles ($ 0.15) per hectare. Glatskikh’s father and brother received the land without bidding.



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