Sverdlovsk: No milder sentence for inmates who beat cellmate to death

Sverdlovsk: No milder sentence for inmates who beat cellmate to death

The court has made no changes to sentences of four inmates from the correctional camp No. 2 (IK-2) guilty of extortion and beating a cellmate to death.

The four convicts used to 'cooperate' with the prison administration, according to the pre-trial investigation and the following trial. They were 'activists' and extorted monthly fee from other inmates for the so-called prison fund also called 'humanitarian aid'. 21-year-old Anton Shtern was one of the victims. The convicts demanded he paid 5 000 rubles to the fund monthly. The convicts decided to kill the victim after he did not pay them once. Anton Shtern was killed in January of 2015.

The administration initially tried to pass the incident off as an accident, claiming the victim slipped, fell, and died. However, his injuries suggested he was killed. Some suggested he may have gotten into a fight with 'unit-mate' and athlete Agamaliev who hit him too hard.

The investigation was very complicated but the four activists were prosecuted after all. They were convicted of violation of articles 111, part 4 ('Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury by a Group of Persons which have Involved the Death of the Victim by Negligence') and 163 ('Extortion') of the Russian Criminal Code in Yekaterinburg in January of 2017. Mamontov was sentenced to 15 years in high-security prison, Agamaliev – to 11 years, Sadov – to 12 years, and Bessonov – to 5 years 6 months.

The convicts tried offering an excuse by saying they were forced to extort because they could either become 'activists' and torment others or be tormented themselves.

May we remind you that IK-2 is infamous for being a 'torture conveyor belt' where inmates are beaten and forced to pay give up their property, as reported earlier by the CrimeRussia.



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