Sverdlovsk MIA Ensign on truck arranged accident with four dead under Kurgan

Sverdlovsk MIA Ensign on truck arranged accident with four dead under Kurgan
Photo: Press service of the STSI in the Kurgan region

The policeman, who was driving a truck, did not have a driver's license on category C.⁠

The Warrant Officer of the 2nd mobile platoon of the 3rd Battalion PPP MIA in the Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Maksimov was responsible for the deadly accident in Kargapolsky District of the Kurgan region.

In the evening of September 28 37-year-old Maximov was driving the truck Foton from Kurgan to Yekaterinburg. Ten kilometers from Kargapolov he violated the rules of the road, went to the oncoming line, on which he collided with a VAZ-2106, which was controlled by 34-year-old Margarita Melinerova, a resident of Volgograd. The accident killed the driver of passenger cars and its three passengers (41-year-old Suroch Oglu, 37-year-old Nadezhda Sapantseva and 36-year-old Tatyana Lebedeva). In the VAZ-2106 has survived only 14-year-old girl. She is currently in Kargapolskoy CRH, where she was diagnosed with a violation of the spinal cord and spinal injury. The truck driver was hospitalized with a laceration of the left thigh and chest injury.

The MIA Ensign got behind the wheel of the truck without having the appropriate category of driving license, reported traffic police of the MIA Russia's in the Kurgan region.

According to the MD MIA in the Sverdlovsk region, Maximov is checked, the results of which removed the Ensign from the bodies of internal affairs "on negative grounds." Subsequently, the policeman will attract criminal liability. The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in the Kurgan region opened a criminal case under part 5, Art. 264 of the Criminal Code - Violation of Traffic Rules and Operation of Vehicles, committed on imprudence entailed death of two or more persons.



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