Suspects of cruel murder of 20-year-old Dmitry Rudakov released from remand prison

Suspects of cruel murder of 20-year-old Dmitry Rudakov released from remand prison

One of the five accused of the massacre has remained in the remand prison.

16-year-old teenager accused of the cruel murder of 20-year-old physically handicapped Dmitry Rudakov has been released from the remand prison. Judge of the Berezovsky court Sergey Soloviev has changed his measure of restraint to a home detention.

With that, the teenager had earlier repeatedly run away from home, taken part in fights and theft, fallen into heavy drinking, reports news agency. Once, his mother who could not influence the son asked their neighborhood teenagers to beat him. After that, she blackmailed them, claiming money - otherwise, she would file a police report related to the manhandling. She was paid, however, after that, she filed the police report, and the neighbors got 2 years in the colony.

On August 9, in Sverdlovsk region’s town of Berezovsky, teenager and 2 other guys aged between 14 and 16 cruelly murdered Dmitry Rudakov, a 20-year-old plate welder (the media had called him physically handicapped, however there had not been reliable information indicating he really was). Behind the garage, they forced him to take off his neck cross, strip off his clothing and put it in a bag; then, they threw him to the ground, urinated on him, and started kicking. 13-year-old girl was not taking part in the beating, however was capturing the incident on her phone and instigating the guys not to stop. Rudakov died of head and brain injuries.

After the murder, 2 of the teenagers were sent to the remand prison; other 2 got a home detention. 13-year-old girl who was capturing the cruel beating on her phone was not accused, at all. At the present time, 1 of 5 participants in the murder remains in the remand prison.



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