Suspects in killing crime lord from Neolith detained in Rostov-on-Don 

Suspects in killing crime lord from Neolith detained in Rostov-on-Don
Detention of suspects

Not far from Rostov-on-Don, suspects were arrested in the murder of a native of Azerbaijan in Moscow on Samarkand Boulevard on February 14.

This is reported by Mash.

The detention was carried out by traffic police officers. Suspects fit the description of the attackers on the cafe in Moscow. According to the National Guard fighters, the same people fired at them on the night of February 14 at the Neolith cafe in the metropolitan Pechatniki district.

According to the Main Directorate of the ICR for Moscow, on the night of February 15, the body of a man born in 1966 with gunshot wounds was found near a house on Samarkand Boulevard. The shooters fled. The Interception plan was announced in the city. The investigating authorities opened a criminal case under the murder article.

Earlier today, Rosbalt reported that a 52-year-old native of Azerbaijan, Garib Orudzhev, was killed with four shots from a Glock pistol, which, according to some sources, was a criminal authority who led an Azerbaijani brigade, and the Neolith cafe was its headquarters.

On the night of February 15, in this cafe there was a mass brawl with shooting, in which, according to the police, 20 people took part. Eyewitnesses call the number of participants in the massacre with shooting – from 70 to 100. Two policemen were injured during the arrest.



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