Suspect in murder of Elchin Pitersky’s brother at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse detained 

Suspect in murder of Elchin Pitersky’s brother at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse detained
Maarif Ismailov killed at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse

It transpired that the victim in the case of kidnapping may be involved in the contract killing at the Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse.

The Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg jailed Vusal Askerov, a citizen of Azerbaijan, for two months. He is suspected of involvement in last year's contract killing at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse. Askerov himself is the victim in another case, related to the ethnic group led by Novruz Mamedov. For 7 years, the gang committing robberies, beatings, extortion and kidnapping has kept businesses in fear. Vusal Askerov himself was kept for a day in a suburban house in July 2012, and a ransom of 1 million rubles was demanded from his relatives.

In 2015, the leader and the main members of the gang were detained. On April 10, 2017, Askerov testified against them in court, and on April 11, he was detained on suspicion of involvement in a contract killing.

It is to be recalled that Maarif Ismailov, 43-year-old businessman and brother of the kingpin Elchin Ismailov (Elchin Pitersky) was shot dead at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse last year on June 20. The killer was caught there by vegetable merchants. He was 27-year-old Emil Huseynov, a former employee of the Federal Drug Control Service, a MIA university graduate. According to him, he received the order for the murder directly from Vusal Askerov. Another person involved in the case, Afgan Aliyev, told him where Ismailov was and what he looked like.

 Murder at Sofisyskaya vegetable warehouse

Murder at Sofisyskaya vegetable warehouse

According to Peterburgsky Dnevnik, Askerov admitted during the interrogation that he was an intermediary in the contract murder. He received the order from a mafia boss and hired Aliyev for its execution, and the latter must have found a killer.

Initially it was reported that when the crowd that had caught Huseynov asked the customer's name, he clearly shouted: "Vagif." Then, there was a suggestion that it could be the billionaire Vagif Mamishev, who had an old conflict with Elchin Pitersky.

According to another version, Ismailov was killed because of his other relative, a certain Navruz, who was previously an influential player in the field of distribution of cash flows in the market.

Also, personal debt and revenge were among the alleged motives of the crime.

It was assumed that Huseynov tried to send about 200 thousand rubles ($3500) to Azerbaijan through Ismailov, but the money did not get to the addressee. Finally, according to some reports, Huseynov's father had been abducted by Ismayilov's relatives some time ago and the son came to the vegetable warehouse to take revenge on the alleged offenders.

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