Suspect in murder of Detective Shishkina detained in Georgia

Suspect in murder of Detective Shishkina detained in Georgia
Photo: TASS

The investigation considers Yaroslav Sumbayev, a hacker, the key suspect in the case.

A 28-year-old Russian hacker, Yaroslav Sumbayev, has been arrested in Georgia as part of the probe into the murder of Detective Shishkina, Nikolay Arshinov, who represents the detainee in court, told BBC Russia. According to Arshinov, the man was detained last week. A search at his home followed; the Georgian court will consider handing the hacker over to the Russian Federation.

According to BBC sources close to the investigation, Shishkina had been getting threats from a social media account, which allegedly belonged to Sumbayev. She reported the threats to the leadership of the central department of the Ministry of Interior.

According to the investigation, Sumbayev ran the hacker group that had attacked the accounts of Russian Railways and S7 partners. The investigation believes that the persons involved in the case made 17 million rubles hacking those accounts and reselling the tickets between 2013 and 2014.

The hackers case was investigated by a group of five detectives led by Shishkina. The woman was shot dead on October 10 in the backyard of her apartment building. Novaya Gazeta reported that the case she had been working on could have been the motive for her murder.



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