Suspect in murder of athlete Nikolay Ivanov detained

Suspect in murder of athlete Nikolay Ivanov detained
Nikolay Ivanov

The police have detained a suspect in the murder of the Russian athlete, stabbed in the south-east of Moscow. The suspect has already pleaded guilty, RIA Novosti reports.

During the night of September 15, the 23-year-old athlete stood up for a girl, who was molested by a drunken hooligan. The unknown man wounded Ivanov with a knife, after which the athlete was taken to the hospital. Athlete's coach Sergey Osipov told R-Sport that “the guy ripped his [Ivanov’s] stomach open from top to bottom.” An hour later, the athlete died.

Initially, a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Russian Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury, which has involved the death of the victim by negligence) had been initiated. However, it was reclassified to Murder.

Nikolay Ivanov was engaged in racewalking and was a bronze medalist of the European selection for the Youth Olympic Games of 2010, as well as a prize-winner of the Russian championship in walking at a distance of 50 km.



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