Suspect in FPS employee's murder detained in Dagestan

Suspect in FPS employee's murder detained in Dagestan

The Dagestani police has detained a suspect in the murder of a Federal Penitentiary Service officer, committed the previous day in Makhachkala.

As reported by the MIA Official Spokeswoman Irina Volk, Friday, December 2 at 22:10, an unknown person fired several shots from an unidentified weapon at a FPS officer of the Russian Ministry of Justice in Dagestan and fled the scene by car in Zagorodny, the Kirov district of Makhachkala.

The FPS officer died from the gunshot wounds. The ICR Investigations Directorate in Dagestan has filed a crime report for murder under part 1 of Art. 105, part 1 of Art. 222 (Murder), and part 1 of Art. 222 (Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, or bearing of firearms and ammunition) of the Russian Criminal Code.

As reported by MIA, the suspect was detained during search operations.

It should be noted that slaughtering law enforcement officers in the Caucasian republic is not uncommon. June 3, district policeman German Yakhyaev was shot in his own house in the Ashagastal village; July 10, police officer Magomed Nurbagandov had been murdered by unknown persons near Sergokal and posthumously awarded for loyalty to his oath in the face of death. A month later, Federal Judge Magomedov was shot in the Shamilsky district.

Law enforcers respond firmly to the murderers. Many of the latter have already been eliminated or arrested, the others are wanted.



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