Suspect in attack on fighter Mirzaev came from Dagestan to "put to rights in Moscow” 

Suspect in attack on fighter Mirzaev came from Dagestan to "put to rights in Moscow”
Kamil Allahverdiev

The video, in which a man similar to Kamil Allahverdiev (the suspect in the attack on Mirzaev) in the company of Dagestani friends talks about why they came to the capital, is found.

The suspect in the attack on fighter Rasul Mirzaev Kamil Allahverdinov, which was identified by the victim himself, arrived in Moscow together with friends from Dagestan to "put to rights" in the capital. This follows from the video interview dated 2012 year. Three young men, whose names are not given, but one of the men is very similar to Kamil Allahverdiev, captured in the video. During the interview, Dagestani said they arrived in the capital in 2009 to train for MMA, because "they not want to beat their bros." Man, who is holding his hand on the shoulder of alleged Allahverdiev, said that Muscovites behave toward them "favourably", because they do not give reasons for a bad relationship.

Recall, three men attacked the famous Dagestani fighter, world champion in combat sambo Rasul Mirzaev, on the night of 31 December. The assailants broke into his apartment on Vostochnaya Street in Moscow and badly beaten. The men fired several shots in the athlete from a traumatic gun and choked with a chain. Mirzaev was hospitalized. At this point, the fighter identified one of the three attackers, he pointed to Kamil Allahverdiev. In fact of the attack the ICR initiated a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 112 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of Injury to Health of Average Gravity) and part 2 of Art. 139 of the Criminal Code (Violation of the Inviolability of the Home).

According to one version, Mirzaev was attacked in revenge for the incident, which occurred in mid-December in the capital's night club, where the athlete allegedly stood up for the Russian fighter with an Irish passport Artem Lobov, when visitors from Dagestan attacked him in response to the words of support towards UFC superchampion Connor McGregor.

Note that Mirzaev became widely known not only because of his athletic achievements, but because of the loud incident that occurred in 2011. The fighter beat student Ivan Agafonov, who hit his head in the fall and then fell into a coma. Agafonov died in hospital from a brain hemorrhage. Initially, Mirzaev was charged under the article Intentional Infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm negligently caused the death, but the case was reclassified under less serious article - Causing Death by Negligence. In November of 2012, Mirzaev was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and released in the courtroom (the time spent in the pre-trial detention center was set off).

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