Suspect brought from Moscow to Makhachkala in case of Chernovik editor

Suspect brought from Moscow to Makhachkala in case of Chernovik editor

The journalist was suspected of financing terrorism with 10 people as accomplices.

In Moscow, employees of the ICR and the MIA detained entrepreneur Kemal Tambiev, a native of Karachay-Cherkessia, in the case of financing terrorism, in which Editor of the religion section of the newspaper, Abdulmumin Gadzhiev, had been previously interrogated. There are in total 11 defendants in the case, according to Chernovik. Among the detainees there was Abubakar Rizvanov, who allegedly transferred money to Abu Umar Sasitlinsky, a benefactor and philanthropist who was hiding abroad due to charges of financing Syrian terrorists, Interfax reports.

“They started knocking on the door in the morning; they closed the peephole with a hand, and, frightened, we called the district police officer, but when he arrived, law enforcement officers already broke into the apartment, having broken the doors. During the searches, everything was turned upside down, and I was locked in the kitchen. They hit my husband in the face and stomach, handcuffed him and took him to Balashikha police station. They did not explain anything and did not even compile any documents,” said Tambiev’s wife, Laura Kurdzhieva.

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According to her, she alone had to look for her husband and resort to the help of Internet users for this. During the arrest, the city’s security officials said that they received a tip on the entrepreneur from Dagestan, where, according to Kurdzhieva, her husband had never been.

The criminal case is connected with the entrepreneur and preacher Abu Umar Sasitlinsky, who before the criminal prosecution was known as the founder of the Islamic Center for Orphans in his home village Novosasitli, organizer of the collection of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees and public projects in Africa. Before the Olympics in Sochi, on the wave of work on the prevention of terrorist acts, the investigation opened a criminal case against Head of the Ansar Charitable Foundation, Israil Akhmednabiev.

The head of the fund was accused of financing the terrorists with the help of his other funds: Mukhadzhirun and Salsabil. Through Ansar, he collected money for Sasitlinsky refugees, so later the investigators considered him an accomplice of Akhmednabiev. Both fled from persecution abroad. They deny blame.


Abu Umar Sasitlinsky

Abubakar Rizvanov was released in September 2018 after a three-year term for assisting terrorists. Rizvanov managed the now closed Akhmednabiyev’s Ansar fund. The investigation believes that after his release, Rizvanov continued to cooperate with Sasitlinsky on financing terrorism through the charitable foundations Mukhadzhirun, Salsabil and Aman. Through Rizvanov, investigators allegedly went to Tambiev who was detained in Moscow and Gadzhiev, the editor of Chernovik.


Abubakar Rizvanov

Criminal proceedings were instituted against the journalist regarding participation in a terrorist organization (part 2 of Art. 205.5 of the Russian Criminal Code) and the promotion of terrorism (part 4 of Art. 205.1). In an interview with Mediazona, Gadzhiev’s lawyer Arsen Shabanov said that his client has always opposed extremism. The editor-in-chief of Chernovik, Mairbek Agaev, noted the professionalism of the journalist. According to him, the work of Gadzhiyev never had any questions, and the journalist himself had no problems with the security forces. However, Gadzhiev led projects outside of journalistic activities, which could be not liked by someone.

“We will explain what the charge of financing terrorism in the North Caucasus is. This is about the same as planting drugs on Ivan Golunov in Moscow. If a person needs to be imprisoned, and if he is at least a little involved in religious activities, then... the grounds can always be found,” says an open letter of Chernovik's editorial office.


Abdulmumin Gadzhiev with his family

The newspaper staff called the version of the investigation absurd and assured that Gadzhiev had no contact with Sasitlynsky. In addition, the businessman hiding abroad noted that the investigators “managed to accuse him of financing two conflicting terrorist organizations”.

MMA fighter Murad Machaev, silver medalist of the World Wrestling Championship Adam Batyrov and Vice President of the Wrestling Federation of Dagestan Makhmud Magomedov spoke with the words of support for Gadzhiev. The latter described the detainee "as a good family man, a very decent Muslim, who always called for good."



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