Supreme Court to release Dadin

Supreme Court to release Dadin

The Russian Supreme Court ruled to cancel the sentence passed to Ildar Dadin and release him from prison.

The Russian Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Ildar Dadin, who had been condemned for repeated violations at rallies, wrote Interfax.

"To release Dadin from custody and to recognize his right to rehabilitation", the statement reads.

According to the court order, Dadin is to be released from prison.

According to Valery Maksimenko, the Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS) of Russia, in order to release Dadin, the FPS should officially receive the court's decision: "Once we receive the document, he will be released. What matters to us is the official paper and as this is a high-profile case, I don’t think they are going to mail it so it won’t take too long," Maksimenko told RBC.

Ildar Dadin has become the first and so far the only Russian citizen convicted under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia, after it had been amended in the summer of 2014. The article is applicable if the person was disciplined more than two times in six months for violations during mass events (20.2 of the Administrative Code).

The court sentenced Ildar Dadin in December 2015 to a 3-year imprisonment. In March 2016, the Moscow City Court reduced his sentence to two and a half years.



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