Supreme Court quashes life sentence of former silovik who killed 19 women

Supreme Court quashes life sentence of former silovik who killed 19 women
Yevgeny Chuplinsky

The case is sent for a new review.

The Supreme Court of Russia canceled a life sentence of Novosibirsk ex-policeman Yevgeniy Chuplinsky after reviewing his complaint and sent the case for a new trial. TASS reports with reference to representative of the prosecution Angelika Yegorova.

The verdict of the jury, according to which Chaplinsky was found guilty and has no right to condescension, was upheld, Yegorova stressed. According to her, this means that only the materials characterizing Chuplinsky, which are necessary for the imposition of sanctions, will be examined anew.

"Materials relating to civil suits, which were claimed by the victims, will also be examined," she added, noting that this would require one or two court sessions.

Yegorova recalled that Chuplinsky could have been charged with several more episodes, since he confessed to more than 20 murders, but the investigation found the remains of only 19 victims.

The verdict to Chuplinsky was delivered by the Novosibirsk Regional Court on March 6, 2018. In addition to the life sentence, he has to pay one million rubles to four of the victims, who filed the relevant lawsuits. After the announcement of the verdict, Chuplinsky said that he would appeal it. The complaint was received by the Supreme Court on August 1.

According to the case file, Chuplinsky committed crimes in 1998-2005 and was arrested only 11 years later. He got acquainted with the girls at the age of 18 to 31, had his way with them, and then killed. He dismembered the bodies and hid the remains of the victims in various parts of Novosibirsk. He drowned one of the women; her body was never found. The identity of 11 victims has not yet been established.

At first, he cooperated with the investigation, but then refused to testify and insisted on his innocence. Experts recognized the ex-policeman as sane, but prone to sexual disorders and sadism.

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