Supreme Court denied Baturina in $592m compensation

Supreme Court denied Baturina in $592m compensation
Elena Baturina

The decision on the case of compensation for the wife of the Moscow ex-Mayor will not be reviewed.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation denied wife of the former Mayor of Moscow Elena Baturina in revising the decision to refuse compensation of 33.6 billion rubles ($592m) from Russia. Earlier, Baturina lost similar cases in the Arbitrazh Court of Moscow and the Ninth Arbitrazh Appeal Court. This is written by RBC.

An entrepreneur demanded compensation for the so-called ambassadorial lands. The amount of the claim included all expenditures for land, which the structure of Baturina, Territorial Directorate Setunskaya, incurred since 2003, i.е. from the moment of registration of land spots on the balance of the company.

The first claim for compensation was filed in 2013; in 2014, the process was suspended for the assessment evaluation. According to the audit results, the ambassadorial lands were estimated at 18.5 billion rubles ($326m). This figure did not suffice the entrepreneur. In her opinion, it was greatly understated due to mistakes that were made during the audit.

The sites seized from Baturina occupied an area of ​​16 hectares and were located at the intersection of Minskaya and Starovolynskaya streets.

Since 1993 by presidential decree these territories have been reserved for the construction of diplomatic missions of India, Cuba and China, but in 2003 the land was bought by Baturina for the construction of the multi-functional complex Setun Hills. The plots were purchased on the secondary market at Matveevskoye JSC. The Federal Property Management Agency disputed this transaction. In turn, Baturina demands to consider the presidential decree of 1993 illegal because the deal was completed before the law came into force.



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