Summer camp director locks kids up in prison-like room for misbehavior 

Summer camp director locks kids up in prison-like room for misbehavior
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The children had to stay in the room for periods ranging from hours to days. They were let out only to be fed and go to the bathroom.

The former director of a children's summer camp in the Ivanovo region has been detained on suspicion of torturing kids, reported the website of the Investigative Committee of the region.

According to the investigation, the woman found a windowless room in one of the buildings of the camp premises and repeatedly locked the disobedient ones in there. The children had to stay in the room for periods ranging from hours to days. They were let out only to be fed and go to the bathroom.

Lawsuits were initiated against the ex-director pertaining to illegal deprivation of liberty and torture of the camp children (items (e), (g), part 2 of Art. 127; items (a), (d), part 2 of Art. 117); eight children aged between 9 and 13 have been recognized as victims. A petition for placing the suspect into custody has been filed with the court.

Meanwhile, the camp’s founder, Alexander Sutormin, told the radio Govorit Moskva that the director had done nothing of the sort. According to him, it was Arkhangelsk orphanage kids who spread the lies after they had spent some time in the camp and got involved in quite a few mischievous deeds. They were lodged in a separate room intended for the counselors, which was then passed for a punishment cell in the news report.

"Those children are simply ill-witted, mentally ill, because they are practically all on psychotropic drugs. We called the orphanage, said that the children’s behavior was weird: they vandalize, draw on the walls, break their beds, bedside tables, break frogs’ heads with sticks. They urinated in garbage cans in their rooms, ran away from the camp, so we had to call the police who caught those children. We wanted to have a few children taken away from us, but they were having the orphanage renovated and the director was on leave. In August, we took the children to a different camp for a contest, so the orphanage ones rummaged in the bags and stole all the gifts", said the camp founder.

According to Sutormin, the room looks untidy because it is being redecorated. Besides, the children who had been to the camp did not confirm the punishment room was there.  According to them, the rooms were locked only when some events were held to avoid theft of personal belongings. Last year, a criminal case was initiated about the abuse of minors in an orphanage located in the town of Gai, Orenburg region. According to investigators, between April 2016 and May 2017, orphanage kids aged 6 to 12 years were regularly abused, which was known to the leadership. However, neither the orphanage director nor her subordinates chose to turn to law enforcement agencies.

In March of the same year, the Chkalovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, delivered a verdict of Elmira Nigmatyanova, a nurse in the orphanage, who put an eight-year-old with developmental disabilities into a bath filled with water and left the girl unwatched. The child drowned and died, and Nigmatyanova was sentenced to a year in prison.

The orphanage on Lyapustina Street gained notoriety as far back as in 2014, when a video with children talking about all the abuse there was leaked to the press. One of the orderlies reportedly forced the kids to rape each other for their entertainment. A criminal case was instituted; the director was dismissed, and the sadistic nurse, Andrei Churakov, was sentenced to two years of probation.

The investigation revealed 30 counts of abuse with 13 children as victims. It turned out that the orderly beat them with his hands and feet, and even with a metal pan, leather leash, electric cable and jump rope. Sometimes, he forced the children to be beggars on the streets in the wintertime.

The orderly regarded the abuse as punishment for routine violations, unauthorized leaves, smoking, failure to walk or feed Churakov’s dog. The man would also abuse the children if they failed to clean the premises from the snow by a certain time or did not clean their rooms.

Video: summer camp kids kept in prison-like rooms for misbehavior



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