Suicide note of actor Fateev found in cell

Suicide note of actor Fateev found in cell
Mikhail Fateev

The actor who committed suicide asked not to blame anyone for his death.

Actor Mikhail Fateev, who committed suicide in the Moscow SIZO-3 after his arrest on suspicion of pedophilia, asked not to blame anyone for his death. The suicide note of Fateev is at the disposal of the REN-TV channel.

“I ask not to blame my cellmate, as well as the staff and the administration for my death; I am leaving voluntarily. It was written without physical and psychological pressure,” the actor wrote.

The body of Mikhail Fateev was found on October 11. He was in a cell with another person arrested. When the cellmate fell asleep, the actor went to the toilet and hanged himself there. Fateev’s cellmate found the body.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the doctors arrived quickly, but it was not possible to reanimate the actor. Prison officers found the belt from the bag at the scene of the incident. According to MK, Fateev left two notes, but the content of the second is unknown.

Fateev was detained in early October. He faced a criminal case under articles Pedophilia (Art. 134 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Distribution of Pornography (Art. 242). The actor was suspected of seducing a 14-year-old teenager, whom he met in the subway.

The actor allegedly offered the student who distributed the newspapers help in finding decent work and gave a phone number. When the teenager called him, Fateev sent him some of his erotic pictures and offered to meet and "watch everything with his own eyes." The young man reported the incident to parents who wrote a statement to the police.

44-year-old Mikhail Fateev is known for his roles in the TV shows Glukhar'-3, Soldaty-2, Marsh Turetskogo, Ofitsery, Chempion, and Metro.



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