St. Petersburg terrorist attack organizer detected due to suicide bomber last call

St. Petersburg terrorist attack organizer detected due to suicide bomber last call
Abror Azimov

Before the bombing in the St. Petersburg metro Akbarzhon Jalilov called Abror Azimov, whom the FSB consider the organizer of the terrorist attack on April 3. It was this call that allowed the special services to detain the latter, the media learned.

Abror Azimov, whom the security services called the organizer of the explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg, was found by special services as a result of the Akbarzhon Jalilov's phone calls' analysis (he committed a self-explosion). This is reported by the Kommersant newspaper citing its own sources.

As the interlocutors of the newspaper told, before blowing up the bomb, Jalilov called Azimov. According to sources, he said that he was ready for the action. And Azimov, the newspaper notes, was the only member of the terrorist underground, who contacted with the suicide bomber by phone.

Earlier, the portal Life reported that the trail of the terrorist act in St. Petersburg organizer managed to get out thanks to the call of Jalilov, who made it before self-explosion. Azimov allegedly gave him a command to undermine, the publication reported referring to a high-ranking source in law enforcement.

The FSB reported on the detention of Azimov in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region on April 17. According to investigators, it was he who recruited suicide bomber Jalilov. Later, the special service published a footage of the detention. It shows how employees with FSB patches of on their jackets run out of the car and chase the man on the path between the bushes. On the following frames the man is lying on the ground. He is asked: "Surname, name?" The man lying on the ground answers: "Azimov, Abror."

After that, the man is asked: "Do you guess why are you detained?" In response, the suspect answers: "Yes." During the search, there is found a gun, similar to the Makarov pistol. The magazine of the gun is half filled with cartridges. During the inspection and incomplete disassembly of the pistol, the FSB officer declares: "Combat". Also, FSB officers find a package with a mobile phone and wires.

The attack in the subway car of St. Petersburg occurred on the afternoon of April 3. As a result of the explosion of a homemade bomb, 15 people died, including a suicide bomber. Several dozen people were injured. On the same day, another explosive device was found at the Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station; it was neutralized. Investigators believe that the explosion was made by the suicide bomber, an ethnic Uzbek, a native of Osh in Kyrgyzstan Akbarzhon Jalilov.

Later it became known about the arrest of Jalilov's eight friends. Six, Seyfulla Hakimov, Ibrahibzhon Ermatov, Dilmurod Muidinov, Bahram Yergashev, Azamjon Mahmudov, Mahamadjusuf Mirzaalimov, were detained in Petersburg, and Shokhista Karimov and Sodik Ortikov were arrested in Moscow.



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