Students faint from hunger at Kuzbass schools

Students faint from hunger at Kuzbass schools

The Ombudsman of the region reported the increasing incidence.

Students of Kemerovo region schools began to faint from hunger more often, the Commissioner for Children of the region Dmitry Kislitsyn told at the session of the regional council.

According to him, lately he has received such complaints more often, primarily from form teachers. They note that increased prices for school meals have provoked social stratification among students.

“Some children go for lunch at school, while others sit in classrooms and do not eat lunch. There have been more frequent cases of children fainting from hunger, which causes worries,” Interfax cites Kislitsyn as saying.

He remarked that parents of such children have no money to feed their child in the morning, let alone to give them 50 rubles ($0.7) for lunch. If at first these were only isolated cases, “now there is a snowball rolling.” This situation is also observed in rural schools with children that are brought to schools from villages.

Dmitry Kislitsyn said that he had turned to commercial enterprises with a request to pay children's expenses for food. Thus, in one of the schools of Kemerovo district eleven students are already supported.



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