Student that attacked Ulan-Ude school to be checked AUE-links-wise

Student that attacked Ulan-Ude school to be checked AUE-links-wise
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At the same time Anton Bichivin and his friends are reported to have been "inclined to Nazism."

The investigation into the case on the attack on school №5 in Ulan-Ude will check various versions of the causes of the incident, including the belonging of the attacker Anton Bichivin to the "prison subculture", Interfax reported making reference to its sources in law enforcement agencies.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the investigation will consider the inference of Bichivin's belonging to the "criminal subculture of AUE (Convict's Codex)". That said, law enforcers do not consider this version to be of high priority, although many references to this subculture were found on the teenager's VKontakte page.

It also became known that shortly before the attack, Bichivin and his friend Alexander Rogalsky, who was cognizant of Anton's plans, changed their names in Vkontakte network. This was written by Meduza, referring to a friend of Alexander. Anton Bichivin changed his name to Nikita Fedorov, and Alexander - to Konstantin Rodzaevsky.

Konstantin Rodzaevsky was the leader of the All-Russian Fascist Party in the 1930s and 1940s. The party was formed by Russian emigrants in Chinese Manchuria. Rodzaevsky is considered one of the founders of Russian fascism.

A classmate of Bichivin said in an interview for Komsomolskaya Pravda that the teenager and his friends were "inclined to Nazism."

The governing council of the school number 5, which consists of teachers and parents of students, told that Bichivin "did not raise concerns". The teenager was called "very calm and easygoing", but they noted that he did not study very well.

The attack on school number 5, located in the military town of Sosnovy Bor in Ulan-Ude, occurred on the morning of January19. Anton Bichivin broke into the classroom of the Russian language, where grade 7 was having a lesson, with the cocktail bomb and an ax, set fire to the room and began to beat the teacher and students. The attack injured 7 people. After the assault, the teenager tried to commit suicide: he stabbed his chest and jumped out of the window. However, the snow pile outside the window softened the impact, and Bichivin was not seriously injured. He is currently detained. Criminal cases have been opened under articles on attempted murder and negligence.



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