Stepdaughter of Rostec head becomes co-owner of Mega Farm pharmacy chain

Stepdaughter of Rostec head becomes co-owner of Mega Farm pharmacy chain
Anastasiya Ignatova

In the first half 2017, the network had 419 pharmacies in 17 regions of Russia; its revenues amounted to 1.1 billion rubles ($19.1 million).⁠

Anastasiya Ignatova, who has been referred to as the stepdaughter of Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov, has become a co-owner of Mega Farm pharmacy chain, part of the Marathon Group investment group. This is reported by Vademecum citing SPARK database.

September 20, 2017, Farmapt JSC, owned by Ignatova, became the owner of 25.01 percent of shares of FK Apteka LLC, the holding company of Mega Farm pharmacy network. This information is specified in SPARK database. The information on the deal value is not disclosed.

"For me, this is a profile investment. I’ve long been looking for a partnership, in which my business could develop and grow; it’s good that the partner is Mega Farm – this network has the recognized experts in the industry," Vademecum cites Ignatova’s commentary transmitted via Marathon Group representative.

The network is developing under the brands "A-Mega" and "Da, zdorov!", "Azbuka Life." A year ago, it was not included in the TOP-200 pharmacy chains, but already in the first half of 2017, it made its debut ranking 57th in the Vademecum rating.

According to SPARK, Farmapt JSC Pharmaceutical Company was registered January 20, 2017. Its main activity is the production of pharmaceutical substances. Previously, Ignatova had already tried to start a business, associated with medicine: in 2011, she became Mikhail Prokhorov’s partner in Kreativmedtsentr LLC — a diagnostic and treatment facility located in the territory of Bolnitsa s poliklinikoy FSUE under the Office of the President. In 2014, the company went into liquidation. In addition, Ignatova established her own clinic Rosmed in the facilities of Tsentraviamed Medical Center belonging to Rostekh. This project was also closed in 2014. According to Vedomosti, Ignotova works at the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs.

The pharmacy brands "Da, zdorov!" and "A-Mega" operate as part of the X5 Retail Group (Karusel, Pyaterochka, and Perekrestok). In July, citing the company’s statement RBC wrote that Mega Farm will receive the pre-emptive right to lease space in the Azbuka Vkusa supermarket and will develop pharmacies under the exclusive brand Azbuka Life for ten years.

In August 2017, Marathon Group and Rostec announced the merger of pharmaceutical assets for "the creation of a manufacturer and supplier of medicines on a federal scale."

Anastasiya Ignatova gained popularity in 2016, when she hit the pages of the calendar by Pirelli car tires manufacturer. Back then, a source in Chemezov’s circle confirmed this information.



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