Stavropol: BMW passenger starts fight with traffic policemen 

Stavropol: BMW passenger starts fight with traffic policemen
Photo: Screenshot from video

The man introduced himself as a judge of one of the city districts.

A video appeared on social networks in which a passenger of a BMW car, stopped by traffic police inspectors, claims to have been injured by police. At the same time during the conversation, he admits that he is a judge.

The video appeared on the Instagram social network. The shots shows how two men argue with law enforcement officers. During the conversation, the passenger of the car covers his eyes with his hand and begins to say that he was hit by a policeman. After this, the hero of the video appears to be a judge of one of the districts of the city and promises the police officer to contact the prosecutor's office.

The reason for the detention was unacceptable tinting on the windows of the car. Possible penalty for such tint and became the reason for outrage of the BMW passenger.

In turn, the policeman warns that the incident is being filmed on camera and the recording can be uploaded to the network. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Stavropol region has not yet commented on the incident.

Video: Conflict between a judge and a traffic police officer took place in Stavropol



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