State Duma Deputy hustles about Volgograd region mafia boss 

State Duma Deputy hustles about Volgograd region mafia boss
Irina Guseva

There appeared another undisputable proof of the connection between Irina Guseva and criminal authorities of the region.⁠

Ex-Deputy of the Volgograd regional Duma and currently deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Irina Guseva is more known to voters by her links with the Volgograd criminals rather than by her political activities. Local publication Vysota 102 (Height 102) published a document that once again points to the friendship of the people's choice with representatives of the criminal world.

Thus, the editorial staff got hold of a document dated June 2010, where a group of parliamentarians from the Volgograd Regional Duma addressed the Consul General of the US Embassy in Moscow Richard Bir. Deputies, among whom there is Irina Guseva, asked the Consul General to assist major criminal authority Vladimir Kadin in obtaining a visa. In their claim people's deputies present Kadin as an entrepreneur developing regional and Russian sports. The aplicants explain that a trip to the United States is necessary for him to establishment international relations between athletes.

Apparently, Kadin decided to secure the support of politicians after earlier he had been denied permission to enter the United States. Perhaps the US embassy had information that Vladimir Kadin is related not only to sports. And the deputies of the regional Duma obviously could not know that they were hustling about a prominent criminal authority of the region.


Vladimir Kadin


Vladimir Kadin is a prominent criminal authority. He was engaged in restaurant and hotel business, oil products, real estate. According to some information, Kadin was a so-called 'night Governor of the region', mafia enforcer of the region and holder of the common fund. He started in the 90's, when his gang controlled the pop-up trading markets and construction complexes, the so-called youth-housing cooperatives. He was killed on August 18, 2011.

It is difficult to say what prompted the lawmakers in the person of Irina Guseva and her colleagues to sign the document addressed to the US embassy. It was hardly a sincere desire to strengthen sports relations between US and Russian boxers. Most likely, this way the deputies decided to show their respect for the influential businessman or even helped him simply out of friendship.

As for Irina Guseva, she, having previously been a teacher and director of schools, began to build a political career since 2001. In 2001 the woman held the post of chairman of the Committee for Education, Youth Policy and Sport of the administration of Sredneahtubinsky district. In 2003 she won the elections of deputies of the Volgograd Regional Duma from the Communist Party. In 2009 she was re-elected to the regional parliament, but this time from United Russia party. In 2013 the region was actively talking about the connections of Guseva with criminal figures after her election to the post of head of the city parliament and the city itself (these posts are combined in the region). As far as The CrimeRussia is aware, Guseva is a companion and protege of the Volgograd criminals. Authorities needed to change power in the region and put Guseva being under their control on high positions. Deputies-entrepreneurs involved in the activities of the criminal gang of the region helped the woman to advance. The skeleton staff of the most interested deputies featured Alexey Zverey, Fedor Litvinenko, Andrey Osipov, Evgeny Shchur and Evgeny Glazkov. The media dubbed the group by the first letters of the last names of the three leaders – ZLO group. According to the source of The CrimeRussia the deputies were affiliated with criminal authorities of the Volgograd region Vladimir Kadin and Stanislav Galkin. After the death of Kadin and Galkin the group of authoritative entrepreneurs was forced to strengthen their positions in power.

Having won such support, Guseva continues to build a successful career. Thus, in July 2014 she won the elections of the State Duma deputies, and in 2016 she was re-elected to the State Duma of the 7th convocation.




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