State Duma deputy: Football Union of Russia should have punished Kokorin and Mamaev after Monaco 

State Duma deputy: Football Union of Russia should have punished Kokorin and Mamaev after Monaco
Party in Monte Carlo Photo: Still from the video

A sense of entitlement allowed the players to fight, Leonid Kalashnikov says.

State Duma deputy Leonid Kalashnikov has commented on the situation surrounding the criminal case against footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev live on the air of Ekho Moskvy. The MP believes that not only the athletes are to blame, but also the Football Union of Russia and the “sick society.” 

In particular, according to Kalashnikov, the Union should have punished Kokorin and Mamaev for the scandal in Monaco. 

“What is a sense of entitlement? He is forgiven once, then twice, and for the third time, he takes a chair and hits a man with it. What about the Football Union of Russia, the members of which include deputies – why didn’t they react? It is the society’s responsibility. But they are to blame. He should’ve been punished for Monaco, and then the society would have understood that $500 per bottle was not only “not good,” but also morally wrong,” Kalashnikov said. 

To recall, Kokorin and Mamaev became the defendants in the criminal case of Hooliganism after they started a fight in the center of Moscow. First, they attacked the driver of Channel One TV host and then beat a Ministry of Industry and Trade official, Denis Pak. Both athletes, as well as Kokorin’s younger brother, have been placed under arrest for two months. 

This is not the first scandal involving the football players. Kokorin and Mamaev are infamous for the party in Monaco, which they threw after being dismissed from the European Football Championship. The athletes were having a party in a strip bar, boasting of expensive alcohol and ‘chicks.’

Video: Mamaev and Kokorin relaxing in Monte Carlo to the National anthem of Russia



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