State border with Finland moved due to FSB General’s dacha 

State border with Finland moved due to FSB General’s dacha
General Kozik guards the state border from his country house

The FSB, Border Service and the Main Military Prosecutor's Office came out of a sticky situation after the detection of the General-border guard’s cottage in the border zone.⁠

Security forces responded in the original way on the October investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), in which it found a cottage of FSB Colonel-General Nikolay Kozik in the restricted area of ​​engineering constructions on the border with Finland. According to the Land Code of the Russian Federation, only engineering and safety communications can be located in this area.

FBK’s lawyers received an official response to their request to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office (GWP). It was filed on December 2, 2016 on the results of the investigation.

The GWP's responce, which was signed by the Head of the 4th department, Deputy Head of the Supervision over execution of laws on federal security Atamanjukov, says that the land area of ​​6600 square meters in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region, which is in question, is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the border of Russia and Finland.

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Exclusion zone (no man's land) and riot control weapon Plug

According to the GWP, "the site is located on agricultural land with the right to use it for the conduct of country household."


A fence, charged with electricity and equipped with cameras, Mines signs and the well-groomed control-track stripe, which lies close to the border with the harrow, "is not used for its intended purpose", said the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. The technical construction is an obstacle for wild animals’ entering on the highways, the document says.

The Prosecutor's Office clarified that the land was indeed bought by Nikolay Kozik in May 2014 from a previous owner on the basis of the contract of sale in accordance with the Russian legislation. The General, according to the GWP, bought a suburban area on a general basis, without using his authority.

The FSB, where Navalny’s Fund also sent a request for verification of the legality of Kozik’s actions, found no violations. However, the check of the legality of the transfer of the border category’s land, allowing them to conduct country household, pursued at the request of FBK’s lawyers to prosecutors of the Leningrad region, is not finished yet.

Recall that, in October, the FBK employees by analyzing Google Maps satellite images found residential buildings in the restricted border zone. Subsequently, according to the documents of Rosreestr, it was revealed that an area of 6600 square meters belongs to FSB Colonel-General Nikolay Leonidovich Kozik, who holds the post of the Head of the Border Guard Department of the Border Service of Russia.

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