St Petersburg terrorist Jalilov planned to finish building house and get married

St Petersburg terrorist Jalilov planned to finish building house and get married
Akbarzhon Jalilov a few minutes before the explosion

Akbarzhon Jalilov had plans for the future on his last visit home in February. Djalilov was not a suicide bomber, according to investigators’ earlier reports. A bomb he should have planted in metro either exploded prematurely or was detonated remotely by the organizer of the attack.

The alleged terrorist’s younger brother Akhror told an RBC Informational Agency reporter about Akbarzhon Jalilov’s visit home in February.

A month before the bombing, Akbar told his family he was going to finish building his house in his home City of Osh in 2017, according to Akhror. He said he was going to move back to Osh and get married.

“He stayed with us for 10-15 days. He wanted to have some rest before going back to work. He almost never went out during his stay. He played racing video games and had interest in cars,” Akbarjon’s brother said.

Akbarzhon’s visit home did not feel as a farewell to his family before death since Akbarzhon did not go to see immediate family living in another City district, as also pointed out by Akhror.

Akbarzhon was not particularly religious, according to Akhror Jalilov. He did not perform salah, did not attend the Friday prayer, and did not go to mosque even once during his last fortnight’s visit home.

Akhror said he has never seen his brother with suspicions books and did not find anything unusual on his home PC.

Akbarjon’s aunts Suraye and Erkinoy and homeroom teacher Fatima Kadirjanova also confirmed he has never been religious in an interview to RBC. Kadirjanova also said she does not believe Akbarzhon could make a bomb since he did poorly in Physics and Chemistry.

After moving to Russia in 2011, the alleged terrorist went on vacation every year to visit Osh. However, he broke from the tradition in 2015 and 2016. When asked why, Akbarzhon said he “served in Russian army”. However, there is no proof of that.

May we remind you that the attack was carried out on Monday, April 3. The explosion took place between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations, killing 14 and injuring 51 people. 2 days later, the Russian Investigative Committee said the bomber was Akbarzhon Jalilov, 22, identified earlier by Kyrgyz authorities as a Russian national born in Kyrgyzstan.

Unlike the Committee that believes Akbarzhon was a suicide bomber, law enforcement agencies say the homemade bomb Akbarzhon was to plant in the St Petersburg Metro may have exploded prematurely.

Moreover, Akbarzhon’s accessories may have decided to turn him into a suicide bomber without telling him about it, according to the Interfax News Agency’s source in law enforcement agencies. There is evidence Akbarzhon was to ‘only’ plant 2 bombs in the Metro and leave.

“The bombs were to be detonated remotely with a phone call. However, (Akbarzhon’s) accessories decided otherwise and took the decision for him,” the News Agency’s interlocutor said.



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