St. Petersburg’s ‘night governor’ claims that Shengelia not murdered by Tambovskaya gang

St. Petersburg’s ‘night governor’ claims that Shengelia not murdered by Tambovskaya gang
Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin)

Kumarin has called for more critical attitude to testimonies Badri Shengelia had given.

St. Petersburg’s ‘night governor’ and an alleged leader of Tambovskaya criminal group Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) expressed some doubts on Badri Shengelia’s testimonies against him. The ‘influential’ kingpin contradicted the media version that says that Tambovskaya criminal group is involved in the shooting of Shengelia. He said it during at the Kuibyshevsky District Court hearing.

“He is said to be murdered because he was going to testify against me. I want your attitude to be more critical. I’m not aware whether the Prosecutor's Office wanted him to testify against me. If it did, It is unclear why he had not.” Rosbalt news agency quoted Kumarin as saying.

He also stressed that Shengelia had only taken part in the first case against him. It was a case of extortion. The victim had also testified about the attempted murder of a co-owner of St. Petersburg’s oil-loading terminal Sergey Vasiliev, however, had not taken part in the court hearings.

“He was not summoned to the second case, at all. Because they couldn’t summon him! Nobody would ever believe his testimonies! We had so many ‘talking heads’ in these cases. I want your attitude to this zombie-box to be more critical.” Former ‘night governor’ of St. Petersburg stated.

Previously, it was thought that Badri Shengelia’s testimonies caused the fact that Barsukov-Kumarin was detained in 2007. Shengelia told the investigators that he heard Kumarin ordering the killings and extortions.

Shengelia was also a witness in the bribery case related to the Investigative Committee’s Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko.

Badri Shengelia was shot on September 17 in Vsevolzhsky District of Leningrad Oblast while he was driving his Mercedes. The operatives counted about a dozen bullet holes in the car. The killer fired from a Kalashnikov rifle. Witnesses were sought. It was become known that the murderer fled in a white Mercedes GL with Finnish number plates. 



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