St. Petersburg police officer got suspended term for $29.700-extortion

St. Petersburg police officer got suspended term for $29.700-extortion

Pavel Gnoyanik admitted his guilt partly.⁠

The court in St. Petersburg announced the verdict to operative officer of the 27th department of the Frunzensky Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Pavel Gnoyanik. The policeman received 4 years suspended for extorting 1.7 million rubles ($29.700) from a businessman.

According to Fontanka, now former operative of the Frunzensky district Pavel Gnoyanik, using his official position, summoned the local businessman to a personal meeting upon the case of possible fraud in September 2015. Gnoyanik engaged his acquaintance Rumyantsev. The businessman came to the meeting. There he was forcibly put in a car and taken to the police department. In the department he was severely beaten, and then they demanded 1.7 million rubles from him. Desperate, the businessman gave accomplices 770 thousand rubles ($13.500) and his bank card along with the pin code.

The former operative was charged with abuse of authority and extortion with the use of violence. The Frunzensky court sentenced him to 4 years suspended. His accomplice received a year less, also suspended. Both figurants confessed their guilt partially. The businessman filed a civil claim for 770 thousand rubles and the court satisfied it.



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