St. Petersburg police found no violations at director Sokurov’s fund

St. Petersburg police found no violations at director Sokurov’s fund
Example of Intonation Fund

A decision not to initiate a criminal case has been issued.

The police of Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg issued a decision on refusal to institute criminal proceedings against Example of Intonation Fund run by director Alexander Sokurov, based on the results of an audit conducted, the website of the regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry reads.

The inquiry did not reveal violations in the work of the fund. It was carried out at the request of a former employee of the organization, who reported on possible embezzlement of budget money.

According to TV channel RTVI, the check began in March. Alexander Sokurov said that the application was filed by the 58-year-old former technical director of the fund, Mikhail Georgievsky, who borrowed a large sum of money from the director and did not return it. The director also noted that the inspection began after he had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin a question about Oleg Sentsov at a meeting of the Council for Culture.

Fontanka reported that the audit in the fund became known to President Putin, who embraced it "with a negative emotion." The President ostensibly instructed interim Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov to sort out the situation. Beglov contacted Sergey Umnov, Head of the Regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry, and Sergey Litvinenko, the city prosecutor. After that, a message appeared on the website of the St. Petersburg administration featuring Beglov’s demand to check for possible provocations against Sokurov.



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