St. Petersburg: Police captain clashes with 'the system', gets put away

St. Petersburg: Police captain clashes with 'the system', gets put away

K-9 officer and police captain Oksana Semikina was put in the Kashchenko Psychiatric Hospital in St. Petersburg. The woman with 15 years of conspicuous police service on record confronted the police administration about unpaid overtime.

Oksana Semikina was admitted to psychiatric hospital after she confronted the police administration about a lot of unpaid overtime. The K-9 officers training center head called doctors since he thought Semikina talked to him too emotionally, according to the woman.

Doctors gave Semikina several shots that made her sleep for several days, according to the woman’s attorney Mikhail Popov. She was administered to psychiatric hospital on Friday, August 4. She woke up only on Sunday, August 6. It is worth noting that doctors managed to diagnose her on Saturday, August 5. They did it while she was still drugged and unconscious. “We would like to know how the psychiatrist was able to examine her if our client claims she was unconscious all that time”, the attorney added.

Oksana Semikina told her attorney about the reason for confrontation with the administration while in psychiatric hospital. The administration demanded employees worked for 2 or even 3 days in a raw due to lack of K-9 officers, as it turned out.

Semikina’s colleagues also confirmed the K-9 center severely lacks employees.

It is worth noting that "the Russian MIA Main Department Administration did not receive any complaints or criticism regarding organization of work in the K-9 center, including from the K-9 center employees," according to Vyacheslav Stepchenko, the head of the Information and Public Relations Department of the St Petersburg and Leningrad District Main Department of the Russian MIA.

Semikina’s defense team managed to get her examined by an independent specialist. The Kashchenko doctors will be prosecuted should the independent expert discover Semikina was misdiagnosed.



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