St. Petersburg: Police arrests man behind antifa activist Timur Kacharava's assassination

St. Petersburg: Police arrests man behind antifa activist Timur Kacharava's assassination
Petr Trunkov

Aleksandr Zenin managed to hide from the police for almost 11 years.

The St. Petersburg police have arrested the man suspected of ordering Timur Kacharava’s assassination, according to the Russian MIA St. Petersburg Directorate Press Service, as quoted by Interfax.

33-year-old Aleksandr Zenin was arrested in the Peshochnoe village (Kurortny District) on the evening of February 21. The arrestee had been on the federal wanted list for 11 years for suspected violation of Art. 105 (Murder) and 282 (Incitement of Hatred or Enmity) of the Russian Criminal Code, according to the Russian MIA. He has been put in jail.

Investigators believe Kacharava’s assassination was ordered by Zenin, according to Fontanka. The arrestee is the last defendant in the assassination investigation, the publication reports.

Kacharava was assassinated at the Ligovsky Avenue in St. Petersburg on November 13, 2005. A group of shorthaired young men shouted “antifa!” and attacked him and student Maksim Zgibay near a Bukvoed bookstore. Kacharava suffered six stab wounds to the neck and died at the scene. Zgibay managed to break free and hide in the shop. Still, he suffered a head injury and a knife wound to the chest.

Seven suspects were arrested in December 2005. Three studied at universities, three at colleges, and another one was a school student. The arrestees were said to be just killers. The police failed to catch the person who hired them. He was put on the federal wanted list.

Four attackers were given 2- to 12-year custodial sentences in August 2007. Others were given suspended sentences. The defendants said they were willing to attack any antifa, St. Petersburg Chief Prosecutor’s Spokesman Aleksey Mayakov noted. Kacharava and Zgibay simply ended up suiting their plans best at the time.



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