St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly speaker gives up on three cottages for poor 

St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly speaker gives up on three cottages for poor
Vyacheslav Makarov

Speaker of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov gave up on three summer cottages for the poor, calling them "hencoops" after the media learned about the lease.

On the eve, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly speaker Vyacheslav Makarov told local media that he paid for rented country houses from the social fund at a commercial cost, planning to repair them. However, he found out that the repair would not be beneficial since after that he would not get a cut-rate deal on the lease. According to Makarov, he planned to wait for changes in legislation, while calling these dachas "houses at the marshes" and "hencoops that no one rents." Also, the speaker said that he had already given up on them.

The speaker had to explain after the Novaya Gazeta journalists found out that he rented three houses at once in a picturesque area, not far from the Gulf of Finland. Correspondents made several photos, which show that the dachas are surrounded by a fence and get through a serious reconstruction, whereas according to the law the tenant does not have the right to do repairs.






The houses rented by Makarov are part of the social fund for the poor and disabled people and, as a rule, they are rented on preferential terms. In this case, Makarov has to be a single mother with children under the age of 16, a disabled child, a prisoner of a fascist camp, a disabled veteran or Chernobyl liquidator, Novaya Gazeta journalists said.



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