St. Petersburg journalists fined for filming cemetery for deputies

St. Petersburg journalists fined for filming cemetery for deputies

The left radicals placed tombstones for Milonov and other elected members of parliament who voted for the pension reform.

The Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg imposed fines of 20 thousand rubles ($ 300) on the journalists and activists of the left-wing radical movements, Ivan Ovsyannikov and Victoria Arefieva, who were taking pictures of the ‘United Russia cemetery.’ Members of the Russian Socialist Movement (RSD) and the Left Bloc ‘buried’ State Duma deputies, who voted to raise the retirement age, in the Pulkovo Park, RSD reports on its public page on VKontakte.

The RSD member Ovsyannikov and the Left Bloc member Arefyeva were found guilty of participating in an unauthorized picket, the RSD reports. On November 7, they photographed the tombstones installed by the activists to those MPs, who allegedly betrayed their voters. The ‘funeral’ was held regarding the deputies Vitaly Milonov, Sergey Boyarsky, Sergey Vostretsov, Igor Divinsky, Vladimir Katenev, Evgeny Marchenko, Yury Petrov and Mikhail Romanov. The action was timed to the anniversary of the October Revolution.


Ivan Ovsyannikov and Victoria Arefieva



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