St. Petersburg: entrepreneur commits suicide after fire at work 

St. Petersburg: entrepreneur commits suicide after fire at work

A few hours before the suicide, the fire inspectorate visited the businessman.

In St. Petersburg, owner of the Santekh plant Igor Galyshev committed suicide after a fire at the plant destroyed all the equipment. A few hours before the entrepreneur's suicide, the fire inspectors came, Telegram channel Lifeshot reports. Near Galyshev’s body, a Beretta assault rifle was found, REN-TV reports.

“Forgive me, I am a coward and a scoundrel. But apparently, I burned down with the building. I can no more pretend that I am strong and intelligent. It was as if a battery had been pulled out of me. Lesya, mother, daughter, if you can, forgive me. P.S. Do not bury!!! Cremate and scatter!!! ”, Telegram channel quotes the suicide note.

Last week, the Emergencies Ministry reported a fire on the Revolution Highway in the Krasnogvardeysky District, which covered 80 square meters of the factory. In February, a fire in Santekh’s unused room covered about 300 square meters.



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