St. Petersburg collectors terrorizing debtor buried child alive 

St. Petersburg collectors terrorizing debtor buried child alive

The collectors sent relatives and friends of the debtor messages with the 'posthumous' photo of the girl, writing that the child was killed for debts.⁠

As it turned out, the pensioner took 15 thousand rubles ($260) in the microcredit organization of St. Petersburg. To date, she repaid the amount of actual debt, but there is a delay interest in the amount of 40 thousand rubles ($693). It was this amount that the collectors were asked to return, terrorizing the woman with endless calls and threats.

She applied to law enforcement agencies only after the collectors informed her of the "death" of her granddaughter, sending photos with a funeral wreath to all relatives and friends of the debtor.

To the 'posthumous' photo collectors added a message that the girl was killed "for debts", and her grandmother "repeatedly warned about the consequences, but she chose to pinch money in return for the life of the child."

After the pensioner reported the incident to the police, the Investigative Committee became interested in it. Alexander Bastrykin instructed St. Petersburg investigators to investigate the case of ‘undertakers’ and took the investigation under personal control.



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