St. Petersburg: AUE teenagers attack passerby after he makes remark 

St. Petersburg: AUE teenagers attack passerby after he makes remark
Seized weapons

The teenagers had a knife and a pneumatic gun.

In St. Petersburg, the police and the National Guard have detained two teenagers, 18 and 19, who attacked a passerby. The incident took place outside 26 Kirochnaya Street at around six in the morning on Tuesday.

In the video, two guys are beating a man lying on the sidewalk for more than two minutes, until eyewitnesses run to help him. According to the MIA Main Directorate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the teenagers thus reacted to a remark that the passerby had made. In particular, the man drew attention to the fact that their faces were covered with masks, and one of them was holding an object that looked like a gun.

Both detainees have been taken to police department for investigation. A knife and a pneumatic gun were taken from them during search. Law enforcers are checking their involvement in other crimes.

A source of added that the detainees may be associated with the AUE, which stands for “Unified Prisoner Order.”



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