Spy gear seized during search in Badri Shengeliya’s apartment

Spy gear seized during search in Badri Shengeliya’s apartment
Badri Shengeliya

The investigators will study the compromising information gathered by the gangland businessman in the hope of picking up the killers’ trail.

Law enforcers have searched the apartment of the killed gangland entrepreneur Badri Shengeliya. Siloviki have found spy sound-recording equipment, Nevskie Novosti reports.

Also, they have found tape recorders, cassettes, and disks, containing compromising information on his business partners and possible enemies.

All of the gear has been seized. St. Petersburg media note that the investigators had to use two cars to carry all spy gear and compromising materials with them.

Badri Shengeliya had been a witness and testified in at least two high-profile criminal cases. It was believed that it was thanks to Shengeliya's testimony that the ‘Night Governor’ of St. Petersburg Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) was detained in 2007. Kumarin himself said that the late businessman had testified against him only in the first trial, namely in the case of extortion.

Also, Shengeliya was also a witness in the case of bribery of ICR Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko.

In September of this year, the gangland entrepreneur was to participate in a sting operation on transferring a bribe to one of the Russian Railways top managers. This was announced by Fontanka.ru’s author, Evgeny Vyshenkov, who used to personally know Shengeliya for many years.

September 17, Badri Shengeliya was shot in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, when he was driving his Mercedes. Operatives have counted about ten bullet holes in the car; the assassin used a Kalashnikov. Witnesses have been found. They have helped establish that the killer fled in a white Mercedes GL with a Finnish license plate.



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