SPSU professor Sokolov previously convicted due to death of Soviet biologist

SPSU professor Sokolov previously convicted due to death of Soviet biologist

The historian sank the ship and escaped in a boat, not helping the drowning.

Historian Oleg Sokolov, who is arrested on charges brutally murdering a graduate student at St. Petersburg State University, was sentenced to two years probation after he drowned a sailing ship with a biologist Vladimir Sorokin on board, the professor’s acquaintance, architect Irina Fedorova, told LenTV 24 channel.

“He is a repeat offender – it’s the second death on this person’s account,” Fedorova said. 

Fedorova’s husband Rudolf Pozhogin founded the Petrovsky Military-Historical Teenage Club, whose members built sailboats and reconstructed sea battles. In 1981, Oleg Sokolov, who was a student at the club, volunteered to sail one of the ships from St. Petersburg to Vyborg for filming in the film Young Russia but a storm began, as a result of which the ship sank. 

According to Fedorova, Sokolov took a boat and swam past two women. In court, he allegedly explained that the victims swam very well. Sokolov received a suspended sentence thanks to his father “in uniform,” Fedorova believes. 

It is to be recalled that on the night of November 9, 24-year-old graduate student of SPSU Anastasia Yeshenko, who was in a love relationship with Sokolov, was killed. On October 29, Sokolov lost a case of plagiarism in scientific works to the historian Yevgeny Ponasenkov. Perhaps this played a role during the professor’s quarrel with the graduate student.



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