Special operation or lawlessness? Police put up carnage in nightclub 

Special operation or lawlessness? Police put up carnage in nightclub
Still from video

The siloviki broke into the institution and beat the visitors.

During the session of the Council of Deputies of the Lipetsk region, the previously dropped issue of "police-bandit lawlessness" was raised in the town of Yelets, Lenta informs. For example, Pavel Yevgrafov, a member of the Legislation and Legal Affairs Committee, said that since early 2010, high-ranking police chiefs had been replaced in the city, and as a result, the new leaders turned out to be "worse than before." As evidence of police lawlessness, the deputy provided a CCTV footage that shows how police officers break into the Karakum nightclub and beat the visitors without any reason.

After the statement of the deputy, the Prosecutor's Office of the Lipetsk region intends to conduct a check on the legality of the police’s actions.

The incident occurred on the night of November 18 in the town of Yelets. The video shows that a large group of elite special forces breaks into the Karakum. The siloviki laid the visitors of the institution on the floor, beat them with their feet, handles of pistols and even used electric shock. After that, all the detainees were taken to the police department; soon they were released without any charges.

The media managed to get an official comment on the events in Karakum. The local police reported, "the police received a message that the institution sells narcotic substances. More than 20 people were taken to Yelets department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to establish identity and verify documents."

According to deputy Yevgrafov, who initiated the trial, the special operation was an attempt of revenge for the assault of representatives of the Yelets Gypsies gang "on the nightclub Rigel" on November 5, 2017. Then, in addition to the club guard, an officer of the Yelets police, who was resting there, was beaten.



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