Special commission to protect girl bullied after letter sent to Putin

Special commission to protect girl bullied after letter sent to Putin
Taisiya Perchikova Photo: Ludmila Savitckaia/RFE/RL

12-year-old Taisiya Perchikova complained about the closure of the school and the low salary of the mother.

The Governor of the Pskov region, Mikhail Vedernikov, ordered to create a commission that would have to sort out the situation of the girl, who was harassed by her fellow villagers because of her letter to Vladimir Putin asking for help. Znak.com reports concerning the administration of the region.

The commission included First Deputy Governor Vera Emelyanova, heads of regional committees for social protection and education, ombudswoman for children’s rights in the region Natalia Sokolova, the head of the local commission on juvenile affairs, and representatives of the Sebezhsky district administration, where the mother of 12-year-old Taisiya Perchikova lives.

Recall, her fellow villagers did not like that the asked for help schoolgirl in her address to the President covering the closure of the school and the precarious financial situation. The letter was sent in December 2018.

The neighbors explained their intolerance by the fact that everyone lived the same way and did not complain, and the mother and daughter are peacocks whom residents want to nail to the wall. The Perchikovs are bullied on the street, and peers stopped communicating with the girl.

In her letter, Taisiya also asked Putin to assist in the acquisition of a mini-tractor or motoblock. The message did not reach the President, but only to regional officials, who stated, "it is not possible to grant aid." However, after the media wrote about this, strangers and various charitable foundations began to help the Perchikovs family.

At the same time, according to the girl's mother, Elena Perchikova, she was forced to resign because of the spoiled relations with fellow villagers who accused them of fraud, and now the family is planning to move to another village.

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